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Dans sa peinture, Jane Courquin invite a une balade champetre, fleurie et tout en douceur et lumiere. Sa carte de visite artistique est bardee de diplomes et de ctitiques elogieuses outre-manche et en France. Courquin et son conjoint Nichollas Hamper, tout deux peintres professionnels britanniques, se sont installes a Verteuil-sur-Charente en 2005. Ils ont achete trois granges en ruine, au Coeur du village. Ils les ont patiemment transformees en une tres belle maison mais aussi en ateliers spacieux, ou ils vivent et travaillent.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Still Life with Indian Butterfly

Work in Progress
I started this painting a year or so ago and only recently ( a few months ago ) rediscovered it abandoned in my storage of unfinished work . This time i had a better idea in which direction i wanted to go with it . Its still not finished, but is a good deal closer to an ending . The indian butterfly is a mix of indian red and ultramarine and is the most recent addition. It awaits some markings once this layer has dried .

The spots are added and a few coloured glazes to the front pots and plates . The right hand side obviously needs some attention and resolution . I narrowed the front rhs plate, but will most probably have to re stretch it width wise to balance what sits above it on the picture surface . The halo of light showing its original position is just about discernible. There are also some very tiny orange red marks of distinction to add to some of the white spots on the indian butterfly. 

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