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Dans sa peinture, Jane Courquin invite a une balade champetre, fleurie et tout en douceur et lumiere. Sa carte de visite artistique est bardee de diplomes et de ctitiques elogieuses outre-manche et en France. Courquin et son conjoint Nichollas Hamper, tout deux peintres professionnels britanniques, se sont installes a Verteuil-sur-Charente en 2005. Ils ont achete trois granges en ruine, au Coeur du village. Ils les ont patiemment transformees en une tres belle maison mais aussi en ateliers spacieux, ou ils vivent et travaillent.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ile de Ré enamelware with sunflowers & roses 2013

>Ile de Ré enamelware with sunflowers & roses< 2013 oil on canvas
In early April 2013 fellow painter Nichollas Hamper and myself went to the Ile de Ré  , a remote island off La Rochelle with good intentions to paint. We took bicycles and cycled almost everywhere on and off the known cycle routes with a small group of friends . We were fortunate as the Sunday Brocante was just around the corner from the house we were staying in . The enamel treasures I found there have found their way in to my most recent painting .
The plate is a nod to Vanessa Bell's ceramic output..
The sunflowers and roses are plentiful in the Charente and appear in many of my works.
The waves seem to push through the painting from the top to the bottom of the canvas.

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